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What is the full process?

This is the process the donor undergoes in order to produce good eggs for a woman who cannot do this herself.

1 – Complete the donor form:

Once you complete the online donor form, we will review it and let you know whether you appear to be suitable for egg donation.

We will then send you a more detailed application to complete. This includes things like your family history, illnesses in the family, your level of education (matric, diploma, degree), your personality, etc. This is what people read on our website to find out more about you.

If our assessment shows you to be suitable for egg donation, we will arrange to meet with you in person or chat over the phone, to discuss the process face to face (we like to make sure that potential donors really do know exactly what is involved, should they decide to commit to being on our donor list!)

2 – Wait to be matched with potential parent:

If you are approved as a potential donor and you agree to be one, your details are loaded onto our website in order for a parent (person wanting to find an egg donor) to access your information. PLEASE NOTE: Your name will NEVER be made available on the website or to the potential parent. Your adult photographs are NOT loaded onto the website, and only potential parents who have received login details from ourselves, have access to your basic information. (This is what you have filled in on the application form.) If a potential parent chooses your application, we proceed to the next step.

3 – Appointment at clinic (scan, blood tests, counsellor):

We notify you of the successful match, and you will be sent for an initial examination by a gynaecologist, as well as some blood tests. All these are done at the clinic where the potential parent is a patient. You will also be sent for an appointment with a psychologist, to discuss your decision to be a donor, as well as for you to ask any additional questions you may have. BOTH THE APPOINTMENTS AND THE BLOOD TESTS ARE FREE.

4 – Start contraceptive pill:

You will then be put on the contraceptive pill (‘the pill’) in order for the doctor to match your cycle (menstrual cycle) to the potential parent’s cycle. This takes about 2 months to happen. If the potential parent no longer has a menstrual cycle then this can happen within a few weeks or a month.

5 – Start medication:

You will be given medication (hormones) to enable your body to produce more eggs than just that one egg it usually produces every month. (For information on how many eggs your body produces in your lifetime, click here). You will not run out of eggs!

For 10-14 days you inject yourself with a very small and thin needle (like the ones diabetics inject themselves with daily) into your tummy. I know this sounds horrific but it is not! You are taught very quickly how to do this and donors agree that it is actually easy and painless.

During this 2-week period you would need to visit the clinic about three or four times, for the gynaecologist to check how the eggs are developing. This is very important – you have to come to the clinic on the days the sister tells you to come – this is a very scientific process and if you miss one day it will fail and the process will be cancelled. It is always early in the morning so that you can get to work or lectures without being too late. We can give you a doctor’s letter if you need one.

6 – Egg retrieval day:

After about 12 – 14 days your eggs will be ready to be aspirated (removed). (You will be told a few days before so you can make arrangements) On the day the eggs are removed, you will need to come to the clinic and check in for a few hours. Someone has to accompany you because though you are not given a full anaesthetic, you are consciously sedated – which means that though you are awake, you feel like you are asleep and you won’t feel anything or remember anything afterwards.

It only takes about 15 minutes and they do not cut you. They use a very small needle directed by a computer through the vagina.

When you are fully awake they will bring you a cup of tea and then you can go home – with R7 000 in cash for being the angel you are!

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