BabyMiracles: Donor Testimonials
BabyMiracles: Testimonials

Are you wondering what BabyMiracles donors have to say about the process of egg donation and how they feel about it? Read on!

Megan tells us…

smile“Donating eggs has been one of the most emotionally rewarding experiences I’ve had. It was far easier than I’d ever been thought to believe with no side-effects and no lasting problems. Being able to help someone in such a major way with such little effort and hassle is something I would recommend to anyone. The support you receive as a donor is overwhelming and there is always someone available if you are unsure or just need to talk. It really is a worthwhile thing to do and I hope that many more people would consider it.”

Jackie’s story…

“I donated my eggs because I have a daughter and I know how special it is being a parent and wanted to give someone a chance to also experience it. I just wanted to give back, so often we tend to take but never give. Yes I would like to do it again! I did not have any problems and it was easy to do.”

Wandile had this to say…

“It’s been wonderful being able to help so many people. Thank you for seeing me through all the procedures. I couldn’t have asked for a better person to go on this journey with me. Colleen, you are absolutely amazing. May God richly bless you. Thank you.”

A letter from a grateful potential parent…

Dear donor angel,

As you embark on the process of this special gift to us, I wanted to reach out to you and sincerely thank you for your incredible kindness and compassion. Words cannot express our gratitude to you and you will be forever in our hearts and thoughts, even though we will never meet.

My two beautiful children died in the most tragic of circumstances almost four years ago. They were my darlings, my life and my world. Their loss sent me into a spiral of depression and overwhelming grief.

Two years ago, God blessed us with a healthy baby girl. My purpose and joy in life returned. Being a mummy means everything to me and I love every minute of it. It is what I do best and who I am.

My husband and I would be absolutely thrilled to welcome another child into our lives. Unfortunately our last embryo transfer was unsuccessful and we were told an egg donor was our only option. Our journey began…

I had read so many profiles by the time I got to yours, but I knew there was something very special about you. It was in your smile as a little girl, your look, your words. I just know that you are an amazing person and possess the qualities that I admire so much – compassion, strength and kindness – qualities that I would love to see in our child.

Whatever the outcome, please know that we will always be thankful to you for this sacrifice, your incredible gift. We wish you a life filled with love and prosperity. You truly deserve this….and more.