BabyMiracles: Potential Parents Info
BabyMiracles: Potential Parent Info

Now what?

Register to browse our donor profiles:

E-mail us to let us know you’d like to view the BabyMiracles donor profiles. You will be e-mailed a password to access the Donor Profiles area on this website. The password gets changed from time to time, so if yours doesn’t work anymore, don’t worry – just e-mail us again and we will give you the new one. This is merely to protect our donors. Or contact us if you want to meet up.

Browse and select a suitable donor:

Browse the profiles at your leisure. You will notice that profiles only show baby and childhood photos of each donor as South Africa law prohibits adult photos of donors so as to protect their identity.

If you want to meet with us to discuss the donors or the process we are happy to meet with you and help you through this difficult decision.

Notify us of your choice:

Once you’ve found a suitable donor, please e-mail us the relevant donor number in order for us to secure the donor for you. Please only choose a donor when you are ready to start the process.

TIP: It’s best to choose your top 3 donors, and let us know your order of preference, in case someone is not available.  The donors sometimes have exams or go on holiday, etc

Payment to BabyMiracles

At this point, the fee to reserve the donor of your choice is payable to BabyMiracles within 3 days. Banking details will be supplied.

The donor undergoes all necessary tests to ensure suitability:

Once the donor you’ve selected has been reserved for you, she will undergo the necessary medical and psychological tests to ensure that she is ready in every respect, and committed to being your egg donor.

 The clinic contacts you with treatment details

The clinic contacts you to arrange your treatment plan, and hopefully things will work out for you! We’ll be holding fingers and toes, and sending up prayers and positive thoughts for a successful outcome: a Baby Miracle! You deserve it!

Costs involved

This is the awful part – that it costs so much for YOU to have this baby when everyone around you is just doing it so cheaply!  Life isn’t fair – it really isn’t.

I have been in this position – and I remember how annoyed I got when people said: “But you can’t measure the cost of a baby!”  Actually, I always wanted to tell them: “Yes I jolly well can!  I know exactly how much it cost me in rands and cents to get Jade!” And yes, she was worth every cent – but at the time you still have to find the money, and I really know how hard that is.

The bad news is that you as the recipient, have to pay for everything – all the clinic costs for you and the donor, a payment to the donor and a payment to the donor agency .

Please email me to find out what our current fee is – and it is generally quite a bit cheaper than most other agencies.

The donation you give to our donors is R7 000 – and we think they really deserve it.  They go through a great deal in doing this for you. This is given to the donor the day the eggs are retrieved – no matter how many or how few eggs there are.  It is the same as with any IVF treatment – no-one can say how many eggs there will be.  However, should it happen (please God it doesn’t) that the donor does not respond well to the stimulation and she does not produce viable eggs, then the donor still has to be reimbursed for all the time and effort she has put in (it is not her fault either).

What we promise to do though is to charge you a much reduced rate to choose another donor.

What you pay for the whole treatment process will depend on the clinic or the doctors you use – they will be able to give you the rates they charge.

Our promise to you:

Unfortunately we cannot guarantee your success – but we can guarantee you the utmost care and personal attention.  We love what we do, and helping people become parents is very important to us– we know only too well how it feels to be desperate!

The next step

If you still want to go ahead and find a donor, please fill in this brief form and submit it to us and then I will contact you ASAP. 

If you’re unsure as to how to select a suitable donor, please click here.

If you have further questions, please click here.

Want to register to have access to our donor profiles? Click here!

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