BabyMiracles: Potential Parent Testimonials
BabyMiracles: Testimonials

Louise’s Story

Louise had twins – a girl and a boy on 23 June 2012:

“Let’s start off by saying that the personal conviction that you want children is always where anything surrounding family planning starts. Then, after some ‘trying’, and ‘it’ then not happening, the slow realisation that ‘it’ may never happen starts to form. At such a point in one’s life, and especially if you are a bit ‘older’ you ask yourself many questions and start to think about a life and marriage without children.

Luckily, here my husband and I both agreed that we definitely wanted children and we were both committed to the cause. Once we decided that we wanted to make use of donor eggs, the efficient process allowed us to make a quick (unanimous – as we selected donors separately and then compared, only to find that we picked the same one) and easy decision.

Now, what does it mean for a mother, not able to use her own eggs, to use someone else’s and then have the blessing (not every day :- ) of twins? The world…

From the beginning we talked about that fact that we were not using my own eggs, but seeing these two, the way that they even look like me (I have a picture of me at 3 months, and you can take a picture of Emma now and you wouldn’t be able to tell the difference!!), is absolutely amazing, awe inspiring, and at the same time extremely humbling.

My husband compares it to donating blood. It is something you can let go off, with little (or no) effect on you as the donor, but the impact it has on someone else life, potentially saving that person’s life, is amazing. I hope that the donors see it this way too, as we the recipients, literally see this as a gift of life. It is an extremely unselfish act of kindness that you as the donor expect very little in return. The gift of life this brings is incomparable to anything else in the world. No-one can explain the potential this gift, or act of kindness, unlocks…

Thank you, to BabyMiracles, to our donor, but ultimately to the Lord, for blessing us in this wonderful way!”