Baby Miracles: Who Are We

We are a unique egg donor agency that consists of just two people – me (Colleen Oates) and my own ‘baby miracle’ daughter Jade who was conceived through IVF in 1988.  Without IVF I would be childless – but my miracle was born and now we work together as a team.  Jade has a degree in marketing management and she has just joined me full time.  What a joy it is!

I can obviously relate to couples who are childless and desperate – I was in that position myself for many years, and Jade has always known that she is a miracle.  She is the proof that BabyMiracles do happen!

I started BabyMiracles in 2011 and having been through 6 IVF attempts I can fully understand the pain and frustration of what you are going through.  When I began the process it only had a 15 % success rate, so I was very fortunate.  Thankfully now it has improved greatly and your chance of success is much higher.

But it still takes an enormous toll on your emotions, your finances, your marriage and your life as a whole.  I understand.

I try to keep the process as personal as I can – as much as feels comfortable to you.  I am always available to chat on the phone or even to meet for coffee to discuss your fears, your hopes and dreams – I have been there!

I do not try to ‘push’ anyone into this process – you have to feel comfortable with it and it can take time for this to happen.  It is not an easy process – it is a very emotional journey and not for the faint-hearted.  But I am happy to be there for you in whatever way you need.

I wish you success on this very difficult journey!

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BabyMiracles: With Love