BabyMiracles: Why Us
Baby Miracles: Why Us?

Why do BabyMiracles egg donors choose us to list with?

  • We’re honest and up front about the entire procedure
  • Donors know exactly what to expect in terms of the process
  • We have a good rapport with young women (Jade Oates is under 30 and is available at all times)
  • We address all your concerns, and would not encourage you to go through with being a listed donor if you weren’t 100% at peace with your choice
  • We keep in contact with applicant donors and send out a monthly newsletter

Why do BabyMiracles potential parents choose us?

  • With IVF being extremely costly, we’re pleased to say that we are among the more reasonably priced agencies in the country
  • Our service is personal. We’re always available to meet you for coffee in Johannesburg and discuss any concerns you may have
  • Having been through IVF several times myself, I have ‘been there’ and I know the emotions, the process; everything inside out.
  • Honesty has always been our best policy at BabyMiracles. You’ll never be left saying, “But I thought” or “If only I had …”